GREEDY SMITH’s ultimate career highlight!

Q & A ‘3’ featuring GREEDY SMITH
This week we chat with Greedy Smith from Mental As Anything about career highlights, art and MEMO Music Hall

Greedy Smith Mental As Anything

Q1. What has been the ultimate music career highlight for you?

Winning the coveted Telegatto (TV Pussy) Award on live Italian TV back in 1986 in the Bari Opera House. Long before Idol and the Voice, the Italians had pop music competitions on telly. Our team, the Delfinos won the hearts of the home viewers and we took home a priceless aluminum cat statuette.

Q2. Are you working on any art projects at the moment?

Presently I’m ferreting out the band’s posters and other artwork from the past 40 years. There’s a lot of stuff and it’s gone all over the place and proving hard to track down. So hard I’ve fallen behind with my own scratchings.

Q3. What do you like about playing at MEMO Music Hall?

I love the fact that when I’m singing on stage at Memo, I’m only a few feet away from where Normie Rowe recorded ‘Shakin All Over’. So much history. Memo seems to attract a very knowledgeable crowd and brings out the best in us.