Live Streaming FAQs


I have paid for my live stream though I have not received my confirmation email with my referral link to the live stream player and my password.

It can take a few moments for your Live Stream confirmation email from us to rock up in your inbox.

It could take up to 5 min depending on traffic.

Please check your ‘Junk Mail’. It could be there.

You should get two emails. One from Stripe which is your receipt of payment and one from MEMO, with your link and password.

If not, please email and we will resend it.

What is the best way to watch the live stream? Can I watch it on my TV?

A: You can watch the live stream on any device. The best way to watch the live stream is via computer and, if possible, connecting it to a TV.

We not sure of your computer type and TV, So we can not give the best advice.

An HDMI or VGA with an audio cable is a great option for connecting your computer to your TV.

Try doing a web search for your exact needs.

Please note: Only computers will work with ChromeCast. Please see the links below for more info that may help.

I am having trouble clicking through from the MEMO website to the ticket site.

A: Due to a high volume of traffic to our website you may find it hard to get through to the ticketing site. Please persist and try again. To avoid disappointment, we recommend buying your tickets well in advance.

Is it possible to buy a ticket for a friend?

A: Yes. Buy your ticket first then buy a ticket for your friend.

  • Your browser will remember you from the first ticket you purchased. 
  • Buy tickets for you friends by using ‘private browsing’. 
  • Open in the ‘private browser’.
  • Not sure what ‘private browsing’, is check it out here.

Chrome – Open New Incognito Window

Safari – Open Private Window

Firefox – Open Private Window

  • You should now see the option to click through to buy another ticket.

Not happening for you?

  • You will have to refresh and clear your browser/cookie history in between each purchase, as your browser will remember that you have already paid once.

It is close to showtime and I have not received my email with the link and password.

A: Hold fast. It can take a few moments for the email to come through, due to the high amount of website traffic, especially if you have purchased it at the last minute before the show.

You will get two emails. One from PayPal which is your receipt of payment and one from MEMO, with your link and password.

Why is the streaming of concerts sometimes interrupted?

A: There can be many reasons why the concert stream is interrupted. In most cases, the internet connection is not sufficient at the time of the interruption. To avoid such problems, please make sure that no parallel processes are running on your network. If you are using Wi-Fi, try a connection via a network cable instead.

Incidentally, live broadcasts are transmitted using a different technical procedure than archived concerts/content. The live concerts are delivered via a so-called content delivery network. One of the advantages of this system is that scalability improves when a large number of viewers from one country or region open a live broadcast simultaneously.

If you experience repeated problems with the broadcasts, please contact us by email at

I am having trouble logging on. Spinning wheel, etc.

A: There are several actions you should take before contacting the venue:

i. Check that you have an internet connection strong enough to allow streaming prior to the event commencement*.

ii. Make sure your browser is up to date.

iii. Try refreshing your browser and clearing your browser history and cookies.

*You can run a speed/strength test for your internet/wifi by following the instructions given by your internet service provider.

What are the internet requirements?

A: Your broadband internet connection should not be less than 10.000 kbit/s (recommended: 15.000 kbit/s or higher yield). Here is a good way to check.

Do MEMO Live Stream events meet the current COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Australian Government?

A: Yes. Given the size of MEMO Music Hall, which is 750 metres square, musicians are able to perform the required 2m apart, which meets current Government indoor workplace social distancing guidelines.