MADDER LAKE – Rock’n’Roll, Brothership and ‘that’ toothbrush!

This week Melbourne rock legends MADDER LAKE talk rock’n’roll, brothership and all about ‘that’ toothbrush…

Q1. How did the song ’12lb toothbrush’ come about?
When we first started playing, half the songs that came about were spontaneous at our live gigs with Mick ad-libbing most of the time, so the lyrics to 12lb Toothbrush are completely non-sensible. The name of the song became a joke with the band as we decided to come up with the most stupid name possible at the time.

Q2. Do you have any Rock’n’Roll stories to tell?
One in particular that stands out for us was when we were on tour back in the 70’s. Our car had broke down on the way to Ararat and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car full of gear on a stinking hot day. Our only option was to hitchhike into town, so Mick decided he would do it on behalf of everyone else. It was like a scene from a movie with the band stuck on the side of the road and the lead singer walking off into the distance with his suitcase.

Q3. What do you like most about playing live shows these days?
We have a tremendous ‘brothership’ in our band, we all get along like a house on fire and have loads of fun on stage. Playing music with others that are also great friends is a rare gift in any band.

MADDER LAKE feat. MIKE RUDD (Spectrum) will be performing at MEMO Music Hall on SUNDAY 11 MARCH.