Aardvark Sessions 2018 CD Launch - thu 29 nov 2018, 7:00pm AEST

Gig Info

Doors Open 7.00pm, showtime 7.30-9.30pm (with intermission)

Reserved Seats: $20.00 +bf

General Admin: $15.00 +bf

At the Door: $20.00 (if still available)


Aardvark is a wonderful Melbourne based music not-for-profit that provides song writing programs for young people at risk. This year’s bands “Sweet Heretics” and“Overtime” have co-written and created a dynamic and moving set of all-original songs with the guidance of Tristan Goodall from the Audreys and Music Therapist and Musician Elly Scrine.

The CD launch will see both acts debut these tracks with support from Aardvark Alumni. There will be excellent raffle prizes up for grabs, plenty of Aardvark CDs to purchase, we will hear stories from ourtalented participants and it’s a great opportunity to get involved with the Aardvark community and learn more about what we do.

An Aardvark CD launch is always a special night, a chance to become inspired by resilient young people getting up on stage and sharing their truth and talents with us through their moving musical creations. We can’t wait!


Aardvark connects 14-24 year olds who are experiencing serious medical or personal adversity, with recording artists, music therapists and artist mentors to write, perform, record and distribute original music. Aardvark uses the power of music, combined with peer connection and collaboration to give these young people the opportunity to expand their identity and wellbeing through creative self-expression and skills development. Aardvark focuses on providing a community for young people with similar life experiences who require extra support to access music and songwriting opportunities. Emphasis is also placed on providing opportunities for future pathways into leadership and employment. Aardvark is driven by passion and inclusion and past participants describe being part of Aardvark as a unique and life changing experience.

“Aardvark made me happy when I was the most unhappy I’d ever been. Not only did Aardvark encourage me to express myself, it allowed a space where judgement and self-criticism did not impede that expression”, Eva – Aardvark Alumni

“You have never fully understood the term ‘family’ until you have been to Aardvark!” Brad – Aardvark Alumni

“Over the course of the 14 weeks and rehearsals I have become more confident in my ability to perform and write songs. And to do that in collaboration with other people… before I was very insecure about that.” Kieran – Aardvark Alumni

“A rare once in a lifetime experience that you only dream of having. I never thought I’d get to record music. And for free!” Mel – Aardvark Alumni

“Considering I’m usually by myself, it’s a different experience. It’s hard, but it’s fun. 10/10 would rock again.” Ciel- Aardvark Alumni