Fete de la Musique (Make Music Day) - sun 19 jun 2016, 3:00pm

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Doors Open 2.30pm, Showtime 3.00-9.00pm.

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free entry

Experience one of the worlds largest live music event in your city, on Sunday June 19 when Alliance Française, France Alumni& RRR present

Fete de la Musique (Make Music Day)

A free celebration of music at the Memo Music Hall in St Kilda, featuring;

ali barter_web

Ali Barter (3 PM)
Ali Barter covers a gamut of styles, from electronic to folk, pop to blues and indie. Each track showcases her clear, soprano tone which elevates with every note she sings.Her new single called Far Away replaces the languid and nostalgic pop of Barter’s previous releases with rock’n’roll punch.  https://www.facebook.com/alibmusic    http://www.alibartermusic.com/

penny ikinger web

Penny Ikinger (4.30PM)  
Australian-born PENNY IKINGER is a world-renowned guitar virtuoso, singer and songwriter, with an international reputation for her solo work. Highly regarded as a solo artist, she has also performed with musicians from the U.S.A, Japan, France and Australia, to great acclaim and instant fandom. She will play an exclusive performance as part of Fete de la Musique accompanied by Tim O’Shannassy (Paradise Motel, Midnight Scavengers) on drums, Katie Dixon (Powerline Sneakers) on bass and Dan Sullivan (James McCann and the New Vindictives) on guitar. http://www.pennyikinger.com/         https://www.reverbnation.com/pennyikinger


Baro (6PM)
Baro is creating some of the smoothest hip hop around right now. This 18 years old artist has firmly established himself as one of the most promising MC/vocalist/producer-type artists going around.   https://www.facebook.com/waterboybaro    https://soundcloud.com/b-aro

The seven ups_web

The Seven Ups (7.30 PM)
Blending influences from 1970s Nigerian Afrobeat with the deepest of street Funk, this groupe is the original 7-piece party band out of Melbourne. Expect unrestrained solos by unkempt horns over an unpretentious rhythm section whose only interest is laying it down!   www.facebook.com/thesevenups

edd fisher_web

DjEdd Fisher (througout the day)
Purveyor of all things refined in dance music, host of Tomorrowland on PBS and founding member of Wax’o Paradiso; Edd Fisher has been a key figure in Melbourne’s scene of late, holding down residencies all over and keeping many a dancefloor cosy until the early hours.   https://www.facebook.com/eddfish3r     https://soundcloud.com/edd-fisher

About Fete de la Musique (Make Music Day)

A day of free events to celebrate the universal language of music!

Launched in France in 1982, Fête de la Musique also now known as Make Music Day or World Music Day is celebrated each year on or around June 21, the day of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.The slogan of the festival “Faites de la musique” (Make music) is a play on the French words for “Fête de la Musique”

Since its creation, the music festival has become an international phenomenon and is celebrated across 5 continents and over 120 countries including Australia, Chile, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, the United States, and Vietnam. World Music Day showcases various music genres and trends by amateur and professional performers.

The Alliance Francaise de Melbourne has been organising Fete de la Musique since 2011.


Proudly supported by the City of Port Phillip Local Festival Fund