Rebecca Barnard and Billy Miller’s Sing-a-long Society - wed 2 sep 2020, 6:30pm AEST

Gig Info

6.30pm - Doors
7.00 - 8.00pm - Showtime I
8.45pm - Doors
9.00 -10.00pm - Showtime II

$65+bf - VIP Live & Intimate Experience

Rebecca Barnard & Billy Miller's Sing-a-long Society

A decade ago, Rebecca Barnard created the Caravan Sing-a-long Society. A handful of warblers turned into a throng, when Billy Miller joined in, adding his ‘human jukebox’ talents to Rebecca’s warmth, that handful of warblers turned into a throng.

With spontaneity the key ingredient, Rebecca and Billy used their legendary singing and performing ability to create a monthly singalong night that has been sold out for several years.

The Caravan Choir (with Rebecca and Billy out the front) has been a regular highlight at the Sacred Heart of St Kilda Concert for many years, performing with household names like Colleen Hewitt, Tim Rogers and Red Symons, to name but a few.

With the Caravan Club closing down earlier this year, on Wed 2 Sept the Sing-a-long Society with Rebecca Barnard & Billy Miller is moving to The MEMO Music Hall for a VIP Live and Intimate Experience.