Rebecca Barnard & Billy Miller’s Silly Season Singalong - Sun 3 Dec 2023, 3:00PM AEDT

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Doors 3.00PM
Showtime 4.00PM

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Rebecca & Billy’s Silly Season Singalong
selling fast

Another year’s been notched on their belts, hair now greyer than Gandolf, but Rebecca and Billy can say with the utmost confidence that their musical selves are still as thirsty for a great song as they were when they were seventeen.

In Billy’s case that was 1969, with Beatles still fresh in mind, and Woodstock opening a new world of music. In Rebecca’s case it was 1977, with great Aussie songs like Billy’s “Don’t Fall In Love” amongst countless classics from overseas.
Along with their usual singalong favourites, Billy and Rebecca will be urging you to sing with gusto to some ripper tunes from 1969 and 1977 that they’ve never tried before and are thirsty to play!

A bit of background about Rebecca & Billy’s Singalong

A decade ago, Rebecca Barnard created the Caravan Sing-a-long Society. A handful of warblers turned into a throng, when Billy Miller joined in, adding his ‘human jukebox’ talents to Rebecca’s warmth.

With spontaneity the key ingredient, Rebecca and Billy used their legendary singing and performing ability to create a monthly singalong night that has been sold out for several years.

The Caravan Choir (with Rebecca and Billy out the front) has been a regular highlight at the Sacred Heart of St Kilda Concert for many years, performing with household names like Colleen Hewitt, Tim Rogers and Red Symons, to name but a few.