Rebecca Barnard & Billy Miller’s Winter Sing-A-Long - Sun 24 Jul 2022, 3:30PM AEST

Gig Info

Doors 3.30PM
Showtime 4.00PM


REbecca Barnard & Billy Miller

After a sentence of several months, Rebecca and Billy will be released to provide a warm, welcome singalong session at MEMO this July. The pandemic has seen people singled out for bad behaviour, but none, surely, have behaved worse than rock singers and choirs, who have been rightly punished globally for the spreading of the disease through singing. Most performers have lost all their employment, and the worst of them – especially Rebecca Barnard and Billy Miller – have been locked up.

The authorities, now realising that they need entertainers again, have relented and allowed MEMO to stage this fabulous afternoon, which coincides with Billy’s 70th birthday! Come along and (legally) sing along with the classic songs provided by these expert vibemachines!

More about Rebecca & Billy’s Singalong

A decade ago, Rebecca Barnard created the Caravan Sing-a-long Society. A handful of warblers turned into a throng, when Billy Miller joined in, adding his ‘human jukebox’ talents to Rebecca’s warmth, that handful of warblers turned into a throng.

With spontaneity the key ingredient, Rebecca and Billy used their legendary singing and performing ability to create a monthly singalong night that has been sold out for several years.

The Caravan Choir (with Rebecca and Billy out the front) has been a regular highlight at the Sacred Heart of St Kilda Concert for many years, performing with household names like Colleen Hewitt, Tim Rogers and Red Symons, to name but a few.