Oz Blues man Chris Wilson’s favourite musicians, song inspiration and performing with his sons!

 This week on MEMO’s Q & A ‘3’ we have a chat to blues man CHRIS WILSON

Q1. What do you like most about performing with your sons?
I truly respect them both as they are great musicians and we all play as equals on stage. They are also great songwriters which makes me very proud.

Q2. Who are your all-time favourite musicians?
I have three: Howling Wolfe for his singing, Little Walter for his brilliant harmonica playing and Kim Wilson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Q3. Do you have one particular song that inspires you?
Oh gee… it would have to be ‘Mystery Train’ which was made famous by Elvis and Little Junior Parker as I always find it has an element of mystery…..every time I hear it, I discover something new with the song.

Catch Chris play live @ MEMO Music Hall this Sunday from 3pm! Click for more info