Paying homage to a legend that is Joni Mitchell!

Songstress LAUREN ELISABETH chats with MEMO about her upcoming show ‘THIS IS JONI – THE ART AND MUSIC OF JONI MITCHELL‘ and her new solo EP! Read More…

Q & A ‘3’ featuring LAUREN ELIZABETH

Q1. What inspired you to put a show like ‘This is Joni’ together?
Joni would have to be one of my biggest idols. This show is always something I have wanted to do as I love her music and love performing her songs. Its my opportunity to pay homage to someone I admire so much as an artist, musician and person.

Q2. Is there one particular Joni Mitchell song that you love the most?
Probably ‘A Case Of You’ from her album ‘Blue’, as its such an honest song. The lyric “I could drink a case of you darling and I would still be on my feet” floors me every time I listen to it!

Q3. What other projects have you been working on?
I have just finished my third solo EP titled ‘Nine Days’ Wonder’ and will be selling copies of it at the Memo show. It has not been released yet. I am really proud of this album and can’t wait to share it with people.

You can catch Lauren Elizabeth’s upcoming show at MEMO Music Hall, St Kilda on FRI 02 MARCH. CLICK HERE to book tickets and for more information.

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