Q & A ‘3’ with PETER CUPPLES from STYLUS

 MEMO’s Q & A ‘3’ featuring PETER CUPPLES (Stylus)

1. What’s your favourite Stylus song to play live?
Funnily enough its one of the oldest, ‘Living in a world of make-believe’.

2. What can the audience expect from your upcoming show at MEMO Music Hall?
We do all the old favourites plus with having Doug Williams now in the band, he brings a whole new dimension to the Stylus sound.  He does Barry White, Luther Vandros, etc.. also Gerry Pantazis has given the band a great lift, he’s one of the worlds greatest drummers too!

3. Do you still have any old stage outfits from the 70’s?
No I’m afraid the op shops collected them 30 years ago, I wouldn’t fit into them any more anyway, I’ve put on a kilo or two since those days, thankfully. 

STYLUS will be performing @ MEMO Music Hall on SAT 08 SEPTEMBER. FIND OUT MORE!