MEMO’s Q & A ‘3’ featuring SINA KING from The Burly Q Club…

1. How did the upcoming variety show come about? Where did it all start?
It started when I discovered all the amazing talents in Australia were relocating to America or Europe to find the high quality stages they desired. ‘The Burly Q Club’ is my dedication to profile the world-class variety acts in Australia so everyone can appreciate what we have while we have it. With more venues closing down every year, our stages are getting more limited. Our show started at the not forgotten Greyhound Hotel (GH) that was recently demolished for residential development. It’s a great honour to bring our show to an iconic Melbourne music venue, and we can’t wait to show you what the super star visual artists of Australia get up to.

2. The stage costumes and outfits are absolutely fabulous, do you get them especially designed / made?
Costumes to show folk are like a musician’s instrument. They help us to tell our story and share the passion of our creation. Most of us custom design or make our costumes ourselves. We aim to look like no one else you’ll see that week… or year, for that matter. However, as fabulous as our garments are, a true star knows that you must outshine the shiny stuff…


3. What can the audience expect from your upcoming show at MEMO Music Hall?
Expect a fast paced adventure of mesmerizing movement, jaw-dropping feats, and leg crossing comedy that will guarantee we see you at every other show. As producer, I’m lucky to personally curate each show. As burlesque artist, I travel the world (11 countries and 22 cities this year!) and I see more variety of acts than most. I really know what I’m looking for and what the audience will love, and I make sure there’s something for everyone. Our thing is ‘burlesque, circus, cabaret, comedy’ and we keep it unique each time. This show will not be repeated. It’s a magical ‘one night only’ memory for all to enjoy.