This week on MEMO’s ‘Q & A 3’ we had a chat with Rod from THE SHUFFLE CLUB about their upcoming show…

1. What can people expect with your upcoming show? Are there any surprises in store?
St Kilda Royale is a feast for your eyes and ears. High energy jazz and swing music from the band, as always, blended with amazing circus arts. It’s basically 2 shows in one. Too many surprises, seeing our saxophone player doing a back flip whilst playing, sounds stupidly dangerous, though very surprising.

2. How did the collaboration between The Shuffle Club and the circus / cabaret performers come about?
Around 10 years ago we did our first Edinburgh Festival at The Gilded Balloon. It was a show produced by ‘Briefs’ fame, Linda Catalano, called “Shakin’ and Stirred’. It was a variety show with a group of different artists every night. Tim Minchin and Bill Bailey were among the talent. We would play for whatever was needed. It was great fun, from that year on we became friends of David Bates and The Famous Spiegeltent and have never looked back. We have been the house band ever since and have met some wonderful performers from all around the globe. I guess you can say we are the backing band for the carnies.

3. Do you have a favourite part of the show?
It’s really hard to say as there is a lot of amazing stuff in the show. Personally, the Teeter Board finale is just thrilling. It’s a little see saw that the cast do flips off of. I am not going to say anymore, you will just have to come along.

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