What Listeners can expect from AIRWAY LANES new album ‘Light Of Day’

‘Q & A 3’ featuring AIRWAY LANES

Q1. Tell us about your new album ‘Light Of Day’ … What can listeners expect? How is it different from your last album?
‘Light Of Day’ is the second full length album by Airway Lanes. We went on hiatus in 2010 after promoting and touring our last album ‘In Vino Veritas’. I think the new album has much more varied influences. Some of our trademarks remain- for example, the combination of guitars, piano and occasional brass- but we have experimented more with electronics and time signatures, etc. I think it’s more eclectic.

Q2. Do you intend to tour to take the new album on tour?
We definitely plan to tour the major capital cities and do as much regional touring as we can- being totally independent from record companies has limited us in some ways, however it has been liberating in others- we will have to see how people respond to the new record and then arrange our live shows accordingly!

Q3. Is there a particular song off the album that is a band favourite?
 I think the song ‘Blood On Your Hands’, which is earmarked to be the first single (or ’emphasis track’), is one we all agree is pretty cool. There is a really ‘out there’ song called ‘Maybe I’m Ashamed’ (a play on the title of Paul McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’) that we all find fun and challenging to play live- but generally I think that after all the work that’s gone into it, the whole band are really proud and relieved that we can finally release our new album, to be honest!